Questions & Answers

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Who is the event intended for?

For anyone who already plays badminton or wants to try it. When you’re just interested in the sport, you’re welcome as well!

For whom are the activities intended?

The lessons are intended for adults and children who want to try badminton. Dorien’s clinic is for people who already have badminton experience.

What do I need to be able to participate?

To be able to participate in the activities you need sportswear and shoes. You can borrow a racket from us. If you just want to come without participating in an activity, you don’t need anything.

Do I need to pay to particpate?

No, participation is free for everybody.

Can I also come by, without registering beforehand?

Yes, you do not need to register beforehand. If there is still a free spot, you can also participate in the activities. Of course, people who have registered have priority.

Can I visit just because I'm interested in badminton?

Sure! You do not have to participate in the activities. We also have an information market. And if a court is available, you’re welcome to play a game on it.

Do I need a partner for the social tournament?

No, we will link you to another badminton player. That may be another participant or someone from the organizing clubs. We try to make couples that are comparable in terms of strength.

How is the social tournament played?

We play doubles according to the ladder system in rounds of 10 minutes. If you win, you climb on the ladder. If you Lose, you will descend on the ladder. The idea is that everyone finally ends up at a level that suits them and thus the games become more and more exciting.

Pimp your racket? What does that mean?

This is a playful activity where you can use ink to print a picture on your racket. In our experiece, especially children like this activity very much!

What can the racket doctor do for me?

Some badminton players have been playing with the same racket for years. Without ever having to replace the tension or grip. Or having tried a modern, new racket. The racket doctor can give you advice on your material. He can also have your racket restrained or replace your grip. He will ask a fee for this.