Badminton is a versatile, challenging sport that is as much about insight and technique as fitness, speed and power. That makes it incredibly fun to do. Whatever age you are. At whatever level you are playing. Experience Badminton offers you the chance to experience this yourself. Everyone is welcome. Whether you’re playing for years or will be picking up a racket for the first time.

The event will take place on 13 April in Sporthal de Geusselt (Olympiaweg 68 in Maastricht). Participation is free. Pre-Registration is not necessary, but advisable if you want to be sure you can participate in the activities. Sportswear is obligatory for participation in clinics, lessons and the tournament. Rackets are present for you to borrow. Below you can find more information about the activities..

Introduction lessons for children and adults

Experienced (youth) trainers will teach you the basic skills you need to play badminton. The forehand and backhanded grip, some basic strokes and the game rules. The skills you have learned will be practised directly on the court.

Tips form a pro

Dorien Lups, top player player and youth trainer at BC Rally, will let you experience how it is to participate in a high-level badminton training. This clinic is intended for people who have played badminton before.

Recreational, social tournament

This Tournament is played according to the ladder system. The organization will set you up with another participant or a player from one of the organizing clubs. Each round lasts 10 minutes. If you win you climb on the ladder. Lose and you will descend. Eventually you will end up at the level that suits you best.

Demonstration (para) badminton

Dorien playes against local ‘top players ‘ to demonstrate high level single and double. Hereafter, players from Maastrichtse Gehandicapten Sportvereniging en de Gehandicapten Sportvereniging Heuvelland will demonstrate playing badminton while sitting or in a wheelchair.


10:00 Opening by alderman Bert Jongen
10:30 Introduction lessons
10:30 Tips form a pro
11:30 Social tournament
13:00 Demonstrations
14:00 Introduction lessons
14:00 Tips from a pro
15:00 Social tournament
16:30 End

Information market

Members of the clubs that organize the event tell you everything you want to know about the sport and their club. There is also a voucher available that allows you to play 15 times for free at the three organizing clubs (5 times a club).

Racket dockter

Have you been Playing with the same racket for years? Visit the racket doctor. He will advise you on your racket, grip and tension. Buy a new racket, grip or have your racket restrained.

Pimp your racket

Creative members of the organizing clubs decorate your racket. Choose a symbol or emoticon and print it with special ink on your tension.


Experience Badminton is an initiative of badminton clubs Gronsveld, Rally and Space Shuttle in collaboration with the Maastrichtse Gehandicapten Sportvereniging en de Gehandicapten Sportvereniging Heuvelland. The dutch Badminton association has made the event possible with a financial contribution.